Shopping For New Dogs Beds Has Just Got a Little Easier

Well, there I was with my new puppy on my lap hoping that he wouldn’t be sick on me whilst we were driven home. Although we'd decided some time ago what breed of dog we intended to get, it'd still been a rather impulsive and unplanned event on that day. So we needed some basic products –. Quickly.

All excited, we went to our local pet store to purchase a small comfortable bed for our tiny (and cute) little puppy. It didn’t take long to feel more than a little disappointed with the choice available to us. And, in retrospect –. It's understandable. After all, the local pet store does try to meet the needs of pet owners with dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, hamsters. Even snakes etc. It was therefore unreasonable for me to expect that it'd have a wide choice of dogs beds from which to choose from.

After some research, it seemed that even the larger pet websites suffered a similar problem –. Way too many products, with a small choice in certain categories.

Admittedly, I'm fussy –. I mean, we spent quite some time decorating and furnishing our home in a style that suits us. I felt that dogs beds can be sizeable objects that take up quite a bit of floor space. Often become a focal point for people, whilst we admire our sleeping dogs (“look –. He’s sleeping…aahhh, bless”).

Ever resourceful, I actually decided I'd make our puppy his very own, personalised, dog bed. I made a beautiful bed, made from some old jeans and t-shirts –. It was made with love, attractive, bespoke. Re-cycled –. Perfect.

The problem with adorable puppies, is that they've yet to be house trained. Yet to find their teeth and chew things. It wasn’t long then, before that beautiful designer dog bed had been destroyed (I still forgave him –. He’s cute!).

The long-term aim of the new website we have set up – is to research whether there is a market for hand-stitched, personalised dog’s beds (for adult dogs that don’t chew). But, in the meantime, to save you guys’ time and hassle, we have collated some of the better options available on the internet. We hope it helps you in your search for your dog’s bed.

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