About Us

The team behind TheFaithfulDog

The team started out with 2 dog lovers based in San Fransisco and has now grown by 4 more dog enthusiasts! We had a dream of starting a brand that focuses on dogs and their behaviors. And here we are today!

What do we do?

Basically, our goal is to cover everything there is to cover based on dogs. We have come a long way, but have a very long way to go! You will see articles such as “What’s the best dog food for a golden doodle?”, “Does my french bulldog love me?”. We also focus on creating local communities that teach dog owners how to live with their dogs.

Why do we do it?

Simply because we love dogs. That’s it.

What’s next?

We here at TheFaithfulDog aim to become the leading organization in the dog niche. And that is a goal we will reach!

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