Are there wild dogs in North America?

But while certain breeds originated in North America, there’s only one wild dog we can claim: the Carolina Dog. The Carolina dog looks an awful lot like the Australian dingo, and is sometimes called the … Read more

Is it cruel to put shoes on a dog?

They may interfere with your dog’s mobility and make it harder for them to move around naturally, which can lead to slips and falls. Ill-fitting shoes can also cause blisters, sores, and other painful injuries, … Read more

Can dogs eat red and brown rice?

Absolutely. Dogs can eat grains, including brown rice, because they are omnivores. That means dogs can eat and digest foods that come from plants. Dogs aren’t strict carnivores, so brown rice or other grains can … Read more

Do cooling towels work on dogs?

3. Wet, cool towels. Wet your dog’s coat or drench a towel in cool, but not really cold, water and drape it over your dog. This will really help in lowering body temperature and is … Read more

Who Makes Old Yeller dog food?

The Kroger Co. today unveiled Disney’s Old Yeller brand dog food, inspired by the 1957 movie about a boy and his dog. The chunk-style food, now available in 2,500 stores nationwide, comes in 50-pound bags, … Read more

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