Are bone marrow treats good for dogs?

Consumed safely and in moderation, marrow bones can be a fantastic way to help improve your dog’s oral and general health, as well as provide them with a great source of exercise, play, flavor, vitamins, … Read more

What a dog needs at the beach?

Sun protection. Floating toy. Absorbent pet towel. Portable food and water dishes. Life jacket. Dog first aid kit. Bathing suit to show off that beach body. How do I prepare my dog for the beach? … Read more

What are the different types of dog cuts?

Puppy cut. … Teddy bear cut. … Top knot. … Kennel cut. … Lamb cut. … Lion cut. … Poodle cut. … Summer cut. How do you field cut a Springer Spaniel? httpv:// How do … Read more

How do you use a Conair pet nail grinder?

httpv:// Can you use a Dremel to grind dog nails? When you cut your dog’s nails with a guillotine cutter or a scissors type cutter you still need to go back to the nail and … Read more

What canned meats can dogs eat?

A little bit of canned tuna and tuna juice here and there is fine — prepared only in water, not oil — as long as it doesn’t contain any spices. Turkey: Yes, dogs can eat … Read more

Are dog ramps worth it?

“Ramps not only make it easier for the pet to access the car or the back door; they also protect them from injury that could occur when/if the dog attempts to jump up into a … Read more

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