What is the most expensive type of bulldog?

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#1 – English Bulldog But this breed comes at a cost, and we’re not just talking about the up-front purchase price of a puppy – which can reach up to $3,000 alone. English Bulldogs are prone to a multitude of health problems, which means excess trips to the veterinarian and more medical bills than your average breed.

How much is a tri color English bulldog worth?

The price for chocolate or tricolor English Bulldog ranges from $4,000 to $5,500, including the black tri or blue tri puppies. The newest colors, like merle or lilac, are even more costly. Tri lilac Bulldogs cost between $8,500 and $14,000.

What is the most desirable color and English bulldog?

Bulldogs come in several coat colors and patterns, with red brindle being the most desirable according to the breed standard. Other acceptable colors include: Other shades of brindle.

What is the most popular color for a bulldog?

WHAT IS THE MOST POPULAR COLOR IN BULLDOGS? The most common color you will see in the English Bulldog breed as of the present time is the fawn and white English Bulldog. The Red and White Bulldog come in second and then, of course, is the Brindle English Bulldog.

How much do blue English bulldogs cost?

Despite this, due to its rarity, the blue English Bulldog price is much higher than the cost of Bullies in standard colors. In fact, the average price of blue English Bulldogs is $8,500 to $14,000 – even though these pups might cost even more.

How much is a Blue Merle English bulldog?

The purchase price for a merle English Bulldog ranges from $4,500 up to an incredible $15,000!

What is a platinum Bulldog?

Platinum French Bulldog An exotic color covered in cream, is what it’s called a Platinum. Their coat color is cream, but you can see signs of dilution by looking at their nose, eyes, lips and paw pads.

What is a ghost Merle English Bulldog?

Cryptic merles – also called ghost merles – are dogs who carry the merle gene but do not express it. This means that they can look like your classic, run-of-the-mill bulldog, but have this mutation hidden in their genes. It may not affect them in any way, but it can be passed down through their offspring.

What is a lilac Bulldog?

Lilac is a rare color variety. The lilac English bulldog has had his color diluted twice: from black to brown and from black to blue. The result of this dilution is a wonderful shade of purple-lilac. Some lilacs could have a brown undercoat or frosty blue eyes.

What is the rarest color in English Bulldogs?

Merle is rarest English Bulldog Color— but some Merle dogs are also prone to health issues such as blindness.

How can I tell if my English Bulldog is purebred?

To identify an English Bulldog, start by examining the body and looking for a round build, broad shoulders, and a short, low hung tail, which are all characteristics of the breed. You should also look for a wide forehead with a straight line running from the nose to the top of the head.

Are blue English Bulldogs purebred?

Only a few blue English Bulldogs exist in the world. They are notably tricky to breed to a great degree, making them more costly than standard Bullies. If you find a blue Bulldog pup, ensure that it is a purebred English Bulldog with proper AKC documentation before making a purchase.

Why do English bulldogs cost so much?

One of the things that make bulldogs so expensive is that they are a very popular breed. Generally, since the demand for bulldogs is so high, there will be higher pricing associated with them.

How much is a white English Bulldog?

$1,000-$6,000 An English Bulldog from a reputable breeder can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $6,000+.

What Colour is Merle?

English: Merle is a colour combination in dogs’ coats. It is a solid base color (usually red/brown or black) with lighter blue/gray or reddish patches, which gives a mottled or uneven speckled effect.

What is a ghost merle?

Dogs with cryptic merle (also called phantom or ghost merle) typically display little to no merle pattern and some may be misclassified as non-merles. The cryptic merle alleles occur in the lower end of the range (typically from 200-255, however, this range and designation varies by study).

How much is a Blue Merle Worth?

What’s the price point you can expect for a merle dog? The quick answer is – somewhere between $800 and $2,000, with an average of $1,300.

Can you breed Merle and brindle?

The resulting offspring are known as being: Double-Merle, Double-Merled or Double-Dappled. We do not condone this type of breeding and consider it as Irresponsible, Unethical and “Quick Sells” methodology. Breeding just for color with no regard for the betterment of the breed.

What is a platinum Merle?

How do you make a puppy platinum?

What is a pied English Bulldog?

Piebald English Bulldog A piebald-patterned Bulldog, also known as a “pied,” has a pattern of white spots on a pigmented backdrop of fur, including muddy brindle, red, or fawn. In layman’s terms, piebald simply means an English Bulldog with two different colors on his coat.

Are English Bulldogs jealous?

Jealousy is a closely related issue. Bulldogs will fight over human attention, food and toys, so its important to watch multiple bulldogs carefully in situations where this is a potential issue.

What does piebald mean in bulldogs?

Piebald is a non-symmetrical, random white pattern occurring throughout the dog’s coat. Bulldogs have several variations of piebald coloring: red piebald, red brindle piebald, fawn brindle piebald, brindle piebald. This means that those colors occur as spots or “saddles” on a white background.

What does Triple carrier mean in English Bulldogs?

Breeders call Frenchies triple carriers if they carry 3 of the rare color DNA genes. Breeders then say that by mating a triple carrier female with a triple carrier male, they can guarantee that the offspring will be one of the “rare” colors.

Does blue and chocolate make lilac?

When a dog has two copies of the d allele, a black dog will become blue (aka slate) and a liver (chocolate) dog becomes isabella (aka lilac). A blue or isabella can have any coat pattern, but whatever they have, any black or liver in the coat will be turned to blue or isabella.

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